How to run the IDE with QT

Questions and info about the Gambas IDE itself and not what you are making with it.
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Re: How to run the IDE with QT

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BruceSteers wrote: Sunday 21st May 2023 7:47pm isn't your system one that does not have gtk installed? if so then i guess you'll default to qt
That'd be it then. :ugeek:
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Re: How to run the IDE with QT

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BruceSteers wrote: Saturday 20th May 2023 8:26pm Well no.
If you go to the "About gambas" window you can see what component is used for the ide.

The debug menu sets what toolkit to use when testing your project with the ide debugger.
OK, but using this trick I can access the Group property, and it makes no difference if I then set it back to Current Desktop. So I am happy. :D
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Re: How to run the IDE with QT

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Yeah :D
Like I say m8 the debugger setting is all about project testing, the "run" button should technically be called the debug button as all the debug options are about pressing run in the ide.

nothing to do with the ide itself that's already loaded and running.

Hit "About gambas" and you should see 2 little red boxes saying x11 and qt5.

Glad you're happy though 😀
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