TurboSnake , the speedy little snake

So you have written that new, must have program. Let us see it here.
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TurboSnake , the speedy little snake

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Well merry Christmas 2023 to all :)
I've made my first gambas basic game :)

I have here something that i was hoping to have fully refined come Christmas but I'll have to settle for , fairly ready.

How it is not ready...
It needs fully abusing to find any bugs.
It needs a bit of a re-think on gameplay/scoring/etc
It could do with a bit of a re-write as it was initially made with static classes to be single player with no customization, then adapted after.

So what it it?

It's a snake game with a difference, a turbo button.
Like a traditional Snake game but I always found them a bit slow. So this game lets you adjust a normal and turbo speed for your snake.

Fully customizable , Main background map image and smaller block images can be set.

A custom snake image is an image 3x it's height (or width) containing 3 squares for the Tail/Body/Head

Set initial length, growth length, map size, block size.
Here's the game in action..

and Merry Christmas to all :)
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Re: TurboSnake , the speedy little snake

Post by Technopeasant »

Missed this earlier. Nice work, I like how customizable it is.
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