Giskard - SSHFS mount, Hardware report, WakeOnLAN etc.

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Giskard - SSHFS mount, Hardware report, WakeOnLAN etc.

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Hellow friends.

In SOHO environments where there are usually 5 to 10 Linux machines and a file server (usually a NAS) and you want to use the SSHFS protocol it becomes a bit tedious to manually connect the resources each time you log in to the system nor is it convenient to use fstab for all users of the machine, so here comes Giskard that what it does is:
  • Verifies that the NAS server is on, if not then turns it on with the WOL or WOAKEONLAN program.
  • Then connects all the resources shared by the file server on the protocol SSHFS
  • Makes a report in JSON format about system information and storage for furter administration activities in /tmp directory.
To install you have to:
  • Create the package and install it on the system.
  • Then you have to configure the JSON file by putting the data of your office server (see readme file).
  • Then if you have an XFCE desktop you can create an entry in the applications at startup but when you login [1] it launch a terminal and show some info about the porcess.
I hope you find it useful and if anyone wants to comment bugs or suggest improvements go ahead.

[1] exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator giskard
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