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We now have a WIP WebDrawingArea :o

Posted: Tuesday 2nd August 2022 5:09pm
by BruceSteers
Like the title says there is now a WebDrawingArea.class with a few emulated Paint instructions.

I asked on the m/l about the html <canvas> tag
and if anything had been done with it as it looks like it could be a Paint alternative for web and Benoit went and did something with it :)

It's very WIP at present but it's going to open up all manner of things for us :)

I got it to do this...

That was just a tester i've been playing with but hand painted buttons and the like are soon to be possible :)

Well wishes

Re: We now have a WIP WebDrawingArea :o

Posted: Monday 8th August 2022 11:42am
by BruceSteers
My gambas coding must be improving.
I added Gradients to WebDrawingArea and didn't have to change a whole load of things to make it acceptable to Benoit :D

So Gradients are coming real soon :)

Next will be Painting text with gradients if wanted.

then supporting using images/patterns for Paint.Fill/Stroke

Personally i think this is all pretty exciting for gb.web.gui users :)

Re: We now have a WIP WebDrawingArea :o

Posted: Tuesday 23rd August 2022 4:55pm
by BruceSteers
I made a hand drawn web version of the gradient button :)

My implementation of Painting the text is a bit rubbish but it sort of works for now until Ben make a proper version :)

It's a brave new world :)