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Encrypt SQLite3 database

Posted: Friday 7th October 2022 8:39am
by gambafeliz
I need to encrypt a SQLite3 database, and access as well as do a complete maintenance, later with Gambas3.

Please, can someone tell me how I can do it? Have I indicated which is the best way, as well as the most correct way to do it, complying with the SQLite3 rules?

Thank you


I use to connect, something like this:

Code: Select all

   Dim sConexion As String = "Connection1"
   Connections[sConexion].host = sDB
   Connections[sConexion].Name = sDBName
   Conn = Connections[sConexion]
I just found this, but I don't know how to interpret it: The SQLite Encryption Extension (SEE)