Alternative/simple application install

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Alternative/simple application install

Post by BruceSteers »

I wrote a handy simple application installer some may find interesting/useful

What it's for / How it works...

It's a shell script using zenity to ask for options.

you simply pop the script your projects folder. and run it.

it gets application name automatically (reads the .settings file for Path= or uses default "directory name")

it compiles the source and makes the executable in the project folder

It also offers to make up to 2 .desktop icons, one for your Desktop folder and one for ~/.local/share/applications/ to show in the sys menu

icons can have alternative Actions...

GUI toolkits, have actions to launch via alternative toolkits (gtk2/qt5/etc)
it detects available toolkits and gb.gui default

Application edit, adds an action to open the project in gambas ide.

If menu creation is selected it opens a list to select category

it gets the $XDG_DESKTOP_DIR to get desktop location

So it is technically not an installer.
It compiles the project executable in place and makes a launcher to run it from it's current location.

Reasons it could be useful.
quickly compile a project source archive without using the ide.
ide would not even need to be installed.
handy to quickly have a project launcher with actions to edit the project, use a different toolkit.

reasons it may not work..
zenity not installed
the menu categories are good for ubuntu/mint but not tested on other os's , they may need some tweaks.
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