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A note on using version control

Posted: Wednesday 14th February 2024 3:34pm
by BruceSteers
You may or may not know that gambas has VersionControl.

If you activate this and your project has a .git folder because it's a local git mirror then gambas has a few additions to make commits, handle conflicts and do other things.

I found a bit of a bug though (I reported it but apparently it's a feature not a bug, I think that's debatable and should be an "option" at least ;) )

If your VersionControl is activated and you change the projects version/revision number the change will be silently reverted when you close the IDE if you do not use the IDE to commit the changes first.

This is what Benoit said...
Benoit wrote: IF your project is under git, then some changes are automatically reverted if you don't commit them: the version is one of them.
This is to avoid unneeded conflicts when working with others.
I checked and it's these files..
".icon.png", ".gitignore", ".version", ".app.png"

So if you make changes to the version or the .gitignore file you MUST commit the changes using the IDE before closing.

I DO use version control but not for committing changes so i have added an option to my gambas IDE and the project settings that will make the reversion only revert the png files not .version or .gitignore.

So if you are using VersionControl and you find you cannot change your program version then it's probably because you did not commit the changes using the IDE first.

Re: A note on using version control

Posted: Saturday 9th March 2024 6:29pm
by BruceSteers
In this commit... ... 4104ea04bd

Benoit kindly added an option to disable the auto-reverting these files if you need it not to.

It's on the main preferences window...