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Re: Keystroke Macro Recorder

Post by BruceSteers » Saturday 14th November 2020 4:52am

Have restored the few days work i lost.

Was having trouble with QT as everything seemed to work except the modifier keys (shift/alt/ctrl)
So i did what they say not to do......
I added the 4 key codes manually and am using the codes directly ,, so shoot me ;)
It's only 4 key codes Ctrl , Alt, AltGr and Shift and the app detects now if you are using qt or not and only tries to check those 4 codes if yes. not tested it on qt4 just qt5.
Another downside to QT is if you press the F3 search key in the macro for some reason it plays back okay from the menu but if you press the F7 menu hotkey to run the macro it will send all the keys before the F3 search :-\ GTK does not do that and QT does not do it if you use the menu not the shortcut. So if on QT it will disable the F7 hotkey.

But suffice to say , i think it's working pretty well now. on GTK it works great.

As for the editor i've re-written the single instance stuff so multiple files can be dropped on the icon and it will just launch one app with all the files in tabs and if the apps open and you launch it again with file args it will load new files into a new tab not launch the editor again.

added detection for if the first line you type is "/usr/bin/env bash" it will auto switch to shell highlights or gambas if gbs3 not bash.

Added editing of the "none" highlight mode for default colour layout.

Enjoy :)
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